Online Activity Determines Credit Worthiness

The use of mobile phones, especially smartphones and other new technologies  with internet access, by young people in Africa and all over the world, is constantly increasing. Additionally, the use of the countless… Continue reading

Quand Facebook décide de la viabilité des emprunteurs

Smartphones et nouvelles technologies régissent de plus en plus notre vie, mais jusqu’à quel point? de nombreuses entreprises surfent sur la vague pour nous proposer des services accessibles via un téléphone.

Government crisis in Bulgaria, early elections on the horizon

By Pavlin Lukanov   The recent European Parliament elections just fueled a fresh wave of problems for the current Bulgarian government. As it was, the ruling coalition between BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) and… Continue reading


By Elisabet Matamala   After the resignation of President Michel Djotodia in January 2014, Catherine Samba-Panza became the new interim president of Central African Republic (CAR). Despite the change of government, political and… Continue reading

The Necessity of Negotiating with Terrorists

By Benjamin Tripp President Obama is again under fire yet again, not for his Affordable Care Act, not for his handling of the economy but for securing the release of Bowe Bergdahl –… Continue reading


By Davide Lunelli   On May 29 Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbaev, and Belarus’s Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed a treaty creating the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) in the Kazakhstani capital Astana. The… Continue reading

Anatomy of AQIM: How ‘Maghrebi’ is it?

By Sebastian Middlemost AQIM’s saturation of the Maghreb was significantly boosted by the advent of the recent revolution in Libya and the renewed vigour of the MNLA in Mali. AQIM’s roots lie in… Continue reading

Is China already a super power ?[1]

By Priscila Pereira, Ana Bossler and Débora Rodrigues  In 1999, when the United States was still a Lonely Superpower[2] and neoliberalism dominated institutions worldwide, China was considered peripheral to U.S. interests because it… Continue reading

Expecting the Inevitable – Israeli Deterrence And The Curtailment Of A Nuclear Iran

By Benjamin Tripp History has a habit of repeating itself. Twice in Israel’s history, it has conducted air strikes aimed at halting or delaying what the Israeli Government believed to be efforts to… Continue reading

Mise sous tension du partenariat Chine-Afrique au Tchad

Par Marie-Caroline Nivaigne   La présence de la Chine en Afrique n’est pas chose nouvelle. Depuis de nombreuses années maintenant, le continent africain représente un lieu stratégique pour le développement extérieur de la… Continue reading